Frequenty Asked Questions

What is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide is a compound with the formula ClO2 that exists as yellowish-green gas at room temperature. It is an oxidizing agent, able to transfer oxygen to a variety of substrates, while gaining one or more electrons via oxidation-reduction. It does not hydrolyze when it enters water, and is usually handled as a dissolved gas solution in water. Therefore, when dissolved in water, Chlorine dioxide has potent antimicrobial activity against bacteria in vitro.

Dr. Clo's patented nano filter technology releases chlorine dioxide in a controlled and stable manner, which makes it safe and non-toxic.

Is it safe?

Dr. Clo is a safe product that successfully passed all clinical tests from globally recognized leading test laboratories in Korea and Japan, and registered as a Class 1 medical device by the US FDA.

The stick didn’t turn yellow after bending. Does it still mean it’s successfully activated?

You’ll hear a cracking sound when you bend the stick, the ampoule is broken and vitalization starts in around 3 hours. The stick will turn light yellow in 24 hours. Do not repeatedly bend the stick to avoid damage which may cause leakage of fluid.

The stick turned white sooner than 60 days, should I replace a new one?

The maximum effectiveness of Dr. Clo Disinfectant stick is 60 days but the usable period varies according to environment temperature. If the surrounding is warmer, the stick will deplete sooner and needs to be replaced. After the device indicator turns transparent, its efficacy will still last up to a minimum of one week.

Is it safe to use around babies and children?

The main ingredient of Dr. Clo Disinfectant Stick is chlorine dioxide, which is released in a controlled manner that makes it safe and non-toxic. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or carcinogens. It can be used in baby rooms, hang onto baby strollers or children’s backpacks. 

Is it appropriate for chronic patients and elderly use?

Immunity of the elderly and chronic patients are weaker in general. They might face higher risk of bacterial infection because of frequent visits to hospitals or clinics. It’s appropriate for them to use Dr. Clo Disinfectant Stick for stronger protection.

Does it mean I won’t get sick after using Dr. Clo Disinfectant Stick?

Dr. Clo Disinfectant Stick’s bactericidal power is most effective in indoor or sealed areas, can cover areas within 20 square meters in maximum to reduce origins of infection. However, it also depends on the immunity and hygienic habits of the users, e.g. washing hands frequently, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth before washing hands etc. 


Does it remove the fine dust?

Dr. Clo cannot remove dust itself. But it removes germs, heavy metal and pollutants in fine dust so that it keeps our family from worse air condition.